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You can rest assured that your little one/s are in safe hands, 
with all our staff regularly attending professional in-service training 
or workshops for continued development. 
We employ above the standard level of trained and experienced staff.

Play based learning
Director - Director /  Nominated Supervisor /  Educator

Jenny Whitton

Director /

Nominated Supervisor /


Bachelor of Education

(Early Childhood)

Joined us January 2002

Educator  Associate Diploma of Child Studies

Rachel Bennett


Associate Diploma of Child Studies

Joined us February 2001

Educator  Diploma of Children's Services

Kelly Johns


Diploma of Children's Services 

Joined us June 2008

Belinda Kent


Joined us January 1995

Educator  Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
Mandy Dowling


Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Joined us in 1987

Educator  Associate Diploma of Child Studies

Belinda Kemp


Associate Diploma in Child Studies

Joined us January 2005

Educator  Certificate III in Children’s Services

Shannon Beatty


Certificate III in Children’s Services

Educator  Diploma of Children's Services

Raj Kaur


Diploma in Children's Services

Joined us January 2015

In house cook and cleaner

Margaret Patten

In house cook Thursday / Friday & Centre Cleaner

Healthy Foods in Childcare- Statement of Attainment

Safe Food Handling training

Joined us August 1992

In house fresh food cook

Lyn Hughes

In house cook Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Healthy Foods in Childcare- Statement of Attainment

Safe food handling training

Joined us July 2004

Management Committee

Management Committee

RTEEC is a community based long day care centre. This means that our service is managed by a Management Committee made up of parents of Children that attend our centre and also other members of the community who may have an interest. 

The role of the Management Committee is to oversee the general operation of this service. Some of the committee's responsibilities include operational funding and subsidies, formulating an monitoring budgets formulating policies, staffing, centre maintenance and over all centre Management. 

As a parent you are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings this entitles you to vote and possibly to stand for election to  be apart of the Management Committee.

The Committee is a crucial part of the centre's operation and is responsible for policy direction, for supervising financial management, for ensuring the legal requirements are met and for staff selection.  

The Management Committee meets the second Monday of each month (unless advised of change) at the centre and parents are welcome to attend.

The meetings commence at 6.00pm and go for 1 hour.

Our Current Management Committee is made up of seven wonderful volunteers. 

  • PRESIDENT: Jordan Brownslowe

  • VICE PRESIDENT: Sarah Anstee

  • SECRETARY: Danielle Brar

  • TREASURER: Renae Von Schill

General Committee Members

If you are interested in having a say in what goes on in your child's centre then think about becoming a committee member. The centre can not operate with out a management committee.

Our Annual General Meeting is held every March. Further information is advised in February.